Fires can devastate homes. They can leave structural damage as well as smoke damage. Restoration experts should be called in to clean up all the mess caused by the fire.

The first call you should make, after having got your housemates out of harm’s way, is to a restoration expert who will assess the damages and provide details on what the fire destroyed. The restoration contractor will help you present your case, keeping it objective in nature, thus ensuring a maximum payout from the insurance company.

Arko has experience with fire restoration services. We have dealt with everyone involved in fires, from firefighters to insurance adjusters. Our job is to best represent the facts in an objective fashion to ensure that you draw the maximum claim money.

If a fire starts in your bathroom or kitchen, you need to act fast and put it out since there could be leaking taps and pipes that compound the problem even further. Problems that can be exposed by a fire could involve pests in the walls and mold.

Within 48 hours after a fire engulfs the house, the steps you need to carry out with immediacy are as follows:

Cut the Power Supply:

If you are quite doubtful of the origin of fire and suspect it to be an electrical fire, you need to cut the electric supply to the house.

Electrical Lines:

Don’t pour water on a faulty electric line or on an electrical fire or grease.

Safety of family:

Get the family members and pets out of the house.

Don’t do anything reckless:

Don’t contemplate going back into the house to save a gadget or two.

Call Emergency 9-1-1:

Call 9-1-1. The firefighters will mobilize their team and get to you immediately. Communicate with them; Answer their questions.