Roofing systems are an integral part of the house. They stay strong and keep your house (as well as your family) protected against harsh weather and seasonal changes. If you fail to take good care of the roof, it won’t perform its functions efficiently. You should always get the roof inspected by professional roofing contractors and ensure that all needed repairs are completed without any delay.

If you keep ignoring the repairs your roof needs, it might collapse! You don’t want this to happen, especially during a cold Minnesota winter.

Here are some important tips for maintaining your roofing system this winter:

#1 Clean And Wash The Roof:

Clean And Wash The Roof

Your roof might be covered with all sorts of debris such as dust, granules, tree branches, nests, dried leaves, etc. If you do not get these things removed, they can increase the weight on the roof and gutters as well as block them. If water can’t flow, it will remain stagnant and rot the area around the roof’s edge and gutters. During winter, this blocked water might transform into ice dams. This in turn will not only be a problem for the roof, but also the gutters and the walls of the house. Ideally, clear off all debris to keep your roofing system working well this winter season.

#2 Keep The Gutters Clean:

Keep The Gutters Clean

Along with the roof, you must keep the gutters clean as well. If you fail to keep your gutters clean, you could face expensive repairs. The presence of debris in the gutters will trap the moisture content in the air. This moisture will precipitate and can easily seep into the interior walls and ceilings. Sometimes, the water level increases so high due to the debris blockage that water will start to overflow. Sometimes the blocked water creates pressure on the gutters and downspouts which ends up pulling away the gutters from the roof. Blocked water flow can cause structural damage to the roof as well as the attic and walls of the house.

#3 Get Your Attic Inspected:

When you get your attic professionally inspected, it will benefit both the attic and the roof. If the attic is in good condition, then insulation is evenly distributed in order to keep the heat at an optimum level. If the attic is damaged, then it will let heat out which will increase pressure on your heating system and increase your utility bills. The heat that exits the attic can get trapped in between the shingles. It will precipitate and help form ice dams during winter. So if you think that the attic and ventilation of the house need attention, don’t delay– get your attic inspected.

#4 Remove The Snow That Falls On The Roof:

If you do not remove snow from the roof regularly, it will keep accumulating on your roof and get too heavy. This can cause major structural damage to the roof. A professional roofing contractor can remove snow from the roof as well as from your drains and gutters.

#5 Trim Tree Branches To Protect Your Roof:

Most of us love having trees near the house but they can be a problem for your roofing system. You should keep the branches of nearby trees trimmed so they don’t cover the roof area. Branches can fall off due to the increasing weight of snow and ice– and you don’t want them hitting your roof! Ideally, get branches pruned by professionals.


Hire professional roofing contractors to inspect your roof, attic, ventilation, gutters and downspouts to make sure they’re all in good working order. Ideally, do this before it’s the middle of the cold winter season in Minnesota. That said, anytime you think you might have issues with your roofing system, it’s important to have a professional take a look and see what repairs or replacements need to be done. Sometimes it’s as simple as pruning some tree branches.