Roofs are important components of the house. Roofs help in enhancing the curb appeal of the house.

Along with it, roofs offer protection to the house and family from the changing climatic conditions. Roofs offer protection against scorching UV rays, heavy rainfall, snowfall, and storm. Climatic conditions take a toll on the overall health of the roofing system. The shingles blow away, flashing breaks, roof edges come off, and underlayment wood is damaged. These things decrease the functional efficiency of the roofs. These are some of the common roofing problems every homeowner experiences.

If you want your roofs to last long, roof maintenance is essential. Regular roof maintenance will update you with the actual condition of the roof.

If there are any issues with the roof, you can get it fixed at the earliest. What are some of the common roofing problems? Is there a solution to it?

Here is a list of common roofing problems along with their solution.

#1. Roof Leaks Or Water Damage

roof leak

The roof has a sturdy slop to direct the flow of rainwater and snow towards the gutter.

From the gutter, water flow to the downspout. In this way, the roofs remain dry and clean.

But sometimes the water becomes stagnant on the roof surface. The water collects on the roof due to several reasons.

The reasons include blown-off and broken shingles, damage in flashing, and breakpoints in the vent pipes.

The roof damages let the water penetrate inside the roof and cause water leak issues. The roof leaks damage the roof underlayment, ceiling, and walls of the house.

Solution: If the roof leaks are minor, you can fix them by using roofing cement. It will block the penetration of water inside the roof, and ceiling.

If the entire roof is experiencing roof issues, consult roofing professionals.

#2 Missing And Broken Shingles:


Due to storms and strong wind, the shingles may blow off. It happens when the sealants from the shingles detach. Some of the shingles blow off, and some become lost. When the shingles blow off, it exposes the roof underlayment. There is a risk to the structural integrity of the roof. Sometimes shingles break or develop blisters. It happens when the air bubbles and moisture gets trapped in the shingles. It destroys the shingles from the inside. These shingles cannot provide protection and decrease efficiency.


If two to three shingles have been damaged, you can replace them with new ones. But if 60 to 70 percent of the shingles have blisters, broken or blown-off, you need a roof replacement.

#3 Granules Clog The Gutters And Downspout:

Granules are present on the shingles to protect against harsh climatic conditions.

If you can see granules clogging the gutters and downspout, it is a warning sign.

The absence of granules will decrease the efficiency of the roof and make them weak. Losing excessive granules may be due to harsh climatic conditions or the aging of the roofs. Without the presence of granules, the shingles will become vulnerable. There are high chances of curling up, cracks, and developing blisters.


While inspecting the roofs, if you witness granules in the gutter, take immediate action. Replace the damaged shingles with new ones. Delaying the issues will aggravate the problem. If the roof is old enough, plan to replace it.

#4 Presence Of Mold/Mildew On The Roof:

Usually, heavy rainfall and snowfall lead to the growth of mold in the roof corners and edges. After a while, the mold and mildew disappear due to heat and cleaning.

But if most portion, of the roof, gets covered with mold/mildew, it is a warning sign.

It entails that the roof has trapped moisture.

Due to excessive moisture, the mold spreads to the entire roof surface. The mold can destroy the roof underlayment. It is a threat to the structural integrity of the roof.

Solution: You should regularly wash the roof surface with a chemical solution. The chemicals will eradicate the growth of mold and mildew.

Moreover, it will prevent further growth.


Roofs can have varied problems. The problems can be due to the age of the roofs, extreme weather conditions, and damage caused by trees. For every roof damage, you have a solution. But the solutions work only when the damages are mild. If the roof damage is beyond repair, consult the best roofing contractors. The roofing contractors at Arko Exterior are highly knowledgeable and experienced. They will assess the roofs and provide the best repairing service for them.