An intricate and vital part of your home is its roofing system. Its installation or repair is one of the largest home expenses you may have to deal with as a homeowner. Therefore, you must wisely choose a good roofing contractor to get the job done. Try not to make mistakes when choosing a roofing contractor. This will help you avoid issues and unintended consequences in the years to come.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Roofing Contractor

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A roof in good condition plays an integral role in the overall aesthetics of your home. You should consider several factors when hiring a roofing contractor for your roof replacement.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when hiring a roofing contractor…

1. Hiring An Unlicensed Contractor

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Hiring a contractor who is unlicensed to work on the roof of your home is a mistake you must avoid. If the contractor’s license is not valid, it shows that they are not qualified to take charge of your roofing project.

Moreover, a contractor’s certifications verify that they have gone through the required training. It also shows that they passed tests of competency. Ensure that you ask any contractor you intend to hire for proof that they’re licensed.

2. Choosing An Inexperienced Contractor

Putting a roof on your home is not an easy task. It takes years of experience to master all the necessary skills required to be a roofing contractor. This is why you should not make the mistake of hiring a roofer who has been in business for only a few weeks or months. Instead, look for more experienced contractors. Although you may not necessarily have to hire a roofing contractor with decades of experience, ensure that your roof is not the first one they will be working upon!

3. Working With An Uninsured Contractor

There are a lot of risks involved when a roofing project is going on. Some important measures must be in place to avoid disaster. However, mishaps or damages can still occur. Therefore, you must only work with an insured contractor.

Damage to your property during roof repairs or replacement will be covered when your contractor is insured. The insurance should also cover any medical expenses required by any injured member of the construction crew working on your roof.

4. Not Looking Around

Another mistake you can make when hiring a roofing contractor is not considering the available options. Roof emergencies can happen, but you should not settle for the first contractor you come across.

You may end up paying more than necessary if you do not take time to consider the alternatives. For sure, you will find more than one contractor to choose from. Ensure that you take time to narrow them down to your most logical choice.

5. Settling For A Contractor With The Cheapest Quote

Roof installation can be quite expensive. Normally, you would want to get a good deal on the installation of your roof. However, your choice of a roofing contractor should not be solely based on the lowest price.

Moreover, some contractors offering you a cheap deal may end up using substandard roofing materials for the project. Additionally, they may end up not taking their time to do the work properly just because they want to make more profit.

6. Not Asking For Warranties

Putting up a roof is a huge investment. Some kind of warranty should protect the roof you put on your home. To say the least, roofing contractors should agree to recheck the job should it be the case that something goes wrong.

Ensure that you ask the contractor for their guarantees and warranty policy. Any contractor who is not willing to offer you a warranty is not confident of their ability. Hiring such a contractor is a mistake you should not make.

7. Not Contacting References

A reputable contractor will have no problem giving you references of past clients. You should talk to the references they provide. In the process of your discussion(s) with them, you will know if the contractor will be able to do a quality job.

Additionally, do not just ask for references for the sake of it. Ensure that you follow up on the contacts of a contractor’s past customers. Do not fail to ask the contacts about their individual experience working with a contractor.

8. Approving Work Before Its Completion

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a homeowner is approving a contractor’s work before it is complete. Also, no reputable roofing contractor will request upfront payment before the commencement of the project.

Ensure that you do not make final payments before you inspect the completed work. Make the final payment only when you are satisfied with the job done. Moreover, having a contract with the contractor can come in handy in the case of a dispute.

9. Not Putting Details In Writing

This is another one of the mistakes you can make when hiring a roofing contractor. Not capturing every detail of the agreement between both parties can cause disagreements in the long run.

Dubious roofers may even try to inflate the cost of materials. They may also want to use substandard materials. For this reason, you should ask for a written, detailed and precise estimate of the project. The information in writing should include such things as labor, materials and total cost.

10. Signing The Contract Without Reading It

Signing an agreement without reading it through is a mistake you can make as a homeowner in the process of hiring a roofing contractor. You should never assume that all your verbal discussion with the contractor has been captured in writing.

It may not be comfortable, but you must take time to read the contract before signing it. This way, you can avoid paying outrageous bills because you ignorantly signed a document.


The common mistakes discussed can cause serious issues between you and your roofing contractors. Ensure that you do not make these mistakes so that your roof does not develop avoidable issues in the future. If you’re looking for a good roofing contractor in Minnesota, work with Arko Exteriors.