Commercial roofing systems are considered to be great investments. Installing commercial roofs involves skill and expertise. Look for professional, trusted, and experienced roofing contractors in order to avoid problems caused by commercial roofing installation mistakes. 

What Are Common Commercial Roofing Mistakes That Should Be Avoided?

Not Hiring Professional Roofing Contractors: This is the biggest mistake that should be avoided when installing or replacing commercial roofs. When you hire professionals, they make sure that the execution of the roof installation or replacement is done flawlessly. They are reputable, experienced, and licensed roofing contractors who are bound to provide the best work for their customers. Moreover, they are skilful in installing different types of roofs.

commercial roof mistakes

Improper Nailing Of The Roof:

For commercial roof installation or replacement, the nailing process must be handled flawlessly. An unskilled roofer might miss the mark or use fewer fasteners than necessary to cut costs. This is very dangerous since it will weaken the roof’s entire structure, making it susceptible to breaking and scratching. Working with professional roofers or roofing contractors will ensure that the task is handled perfectly without any mistakes.

Some of the typical nailing problems that should be avoided include:

  • Exposed nails
  • Under-driven nails
  • High nails
  • Over-driven nails

Nailing mistakes can increase the risk of moisture infiltration in a commercial roofing system. Water can easily enter through the gaps left by improper nailing and, thus, damage the roof.

Missing Out On Drip Edge:

A drip edge is helpful in guiding rainwater off the roof and directing it into the gutter system. Sloppy roofing contractors may make the mistake of failing to install drip edges– or installing them improperly. When the drip edge is not installed properly, it won’t be functional and will cause other problems. The water can back up onto your roof during a storm which then leads to serious water damage. Hiring professionals for such tasks is important as they will make sure they install a high-quality drip edge to prevent these issues.

The Commercial Roof Has No Leak Barriers:

It is important to install flashing barriers on your roof to protect the unprotected sections like the chimney. It might happen that some roofers, however, forget about them, which results in leaks. Without these barriers, leaks expose the roof to debris and moisture, which can lead to serious problems.

Avoid Starter Shingle Problems:

Starter shingles are considered important because they cover the foundation of your shingle roof and act as the base water filter for that roof. Improper installation or making mistakes while installing shingles can cause rainwater to seep into your roof’s foundation, paving the way for leaks. The best way to prevent improper installation is by hiring an experienced, reputable contractor.

Neglect/Lack of Maintenance:

Commercial property owners should schedule regular inspections and maintenance of the roof system. Not having regular maintenance will make you inevitably clueless about the condition of the roof. If you neglect the inspection process, then it may create serious health issues for roofs, and you won’t have any idea that there are problems. One of the biggest issues that leads to roofing problems is not performing regular maintenance… or any maintenance at all. With periodic maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your commercial roof. 


It is essential to keep your commercial roofing system well maintained to protect your property and business. Regular inspection of the roof from highly qualified professional commercial roofers is beneficial in order to save you from costly repairs and possible health and safety claims. There are a number of easy-to-make mistakes that you can avoid in order to help your roofing system’s performance, prolong its life expectancy and minimize the risk of water damage. Always consider these points when you are replacing a commercial roof or installing a new one.