Roof designs are made with several materials. Let’s talk about asphalt roofs. Many prefer this roofing material because of two major reasons. First, it is one of the least inexpensive roof materials. It is a mat of paper or fiberglass in asphalt and polished with ceramic particles pressed on the surface to give a hard texture. 

Secondly, it is readily available in the market and comes in different colors and sizes. 

Asphalt Roof types are majorly three – three-tab organic roof, three-tab fiberglass roof, architectural roofs. Here’s a brief explanation on these roof shingles: Learn information about Blaine, MN.


  • Three-Tab Organic Shingle:

This is the popular roof shingle on most asphalt roofs. It comes with a 20-25 years’ warranty and a 3-foot strip.  The roof shingles are made from paper/wood composite soaked in mild asphalt cement, covered with asphalt over and over again. Thereafter, a black epoxy solution is pressed into the mixture these guards against water build-up under the sheet and prevents wind from lifting them. Learn more about Asphalt or Metal Roofing.


  • Three-Tab Fiberglass Shingle:

These are very similar to the three-tab organic shingle, however, they have a fiberglass mat rather than paper mat. They are also easy to install, lighter in weight, and has less tearing-off risk. Howbeit, they are vulnerable to high winds – the tabs may tear apart. 


  • Architectural Shingles:

These are heavier and less vulnerable to high wind, unlike the three-tab shingles. Architectural shingles are a combination of two shingle sheets and they give a unique outlook for your home.

Let’s Wrap It Up

 Shingle types are important, however, any type chosen should serve the main purpose of protecting the home effectively. 

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