Homeowners should have an understanding about roof decking. It is an important part of your home, and it is necessary to construct your home’s roof with durable decking materials to ensure both the safety and protection of your home.

Normally, the roof is made up of several components like saddles, shingles, ridges and the attic. These building parts come together to keep your home safe from damages caused by harsh elements. 

You can maintain your roof decking better if you understand these eight important aspects

1. What Does Roof Decking Mean?

 Roof Decking service

Roof decking or sheathing involves space filing of your roof’s building components using boards, and these structural parts can be joists and trusses. Wood decking comes with many advantages, especially if the building components are made up of metal structural systems.

Decking with metals can help in sound absorbance. Therefore, during rainfall, the roof becomes less noisy. Similar to foundational structural components, roof decking can serve as the surface of the shingle and as extra protection for your home.

2. What Is The Purpose Of Roof Decking?

The reason why you should have a roof deck is that it works as an under-building for the external roofing materials like saddles, shingles and ridges. You need a roof deck first before you can construct a roof.

Another purpose of roof decking is that your home can be protected against damages such as leakages and fire disasters. It can serve as a second line of defense against harsh elements of nature.

3. What Materials Should Be Used For Roof Decking?

The material you use for your roof decking is crucial to keep your home safer. Professional roofing contractors can offer you many roofing options that will benefit you. However, some good options can be related to cost, stability and disaster resistance.

Some good board choices may include strand boards, oriented tongue and sawed lumbers if you are decking a residential roof. However, for commercial roof decks, opt for steel, concrete or cement. 

4. What Is The Best Way To Fix A Roofing Deck That Has Been Damaged?

Professional  Fixing A Roofing Deck

To repair a roof deck, your hired professional roofing contractor will first take out the shingles using a lever bar before removing the old nails and the covering that was beneath the roof shingle(s). 

Afterward, a new roof installation can be carried out to replace the damaged roof deck. 

5. Why Is It Crucial To Repair Damaged Roof Decking As Soon As It Happens?

When damage occurs to your roof decking, you must repair it immediately to avoid an extensive problem that may not be simple to fix. Bigger problems to your deck can be risky and almost life-threatening.

For example, if your deck is leaking and you ignore it for a long period, it can lead to deck deterioration, mildew and mold formation inside your home due to absorption of water on the ceiling, walls and insulation. 

6. When Do You Know It Is Time To Replace The Entire Roof Decking?

You can evaluate your roof decking by yourself or hire a professional to carry out an expert roof inspection. This will help in removing badly damaged boards whether due to insect issues, deterioration or harsh climate conditions. You may not need to opt for a complete repair. The best approach will be to reconstruct a new roof decking.

There are some physical signs you should look for that should convince you to replace your roof decking, such as wavy ceiling, leaking signs and sagging deck. A professional can identify these issues. 

7. Is It Expensive To Construct A New Roof Decking? 

You may feel worried about building a new deck because you believe the cost may be high, and you may even wonder about how much you could spend on roof decking repair if you suddenly encounter damaging problems.

The rate of getting a new deck is determined by the size of the roof you want and the type of deck roofing materials you have chosen. For the actual repairs, in most cases and on the basis of the standard rates, you will not spend a large sum to fix it. The best way to know the cost of getting a new deck is by getting an accurate estimate from a professional roofing contractor. It is also better to afford a quality roof replacement than repeat its repair from time to time.

8. How Can A Roof Decking Be Constructed? 

You can build a roof decking all by yourself if you have the skill to carry out this task and you are only dealing with a small roof. Ideally, though, hire a professional to ease the task at hand and ensure you get a proper roof decking installation that will be faster to complete and a lot more long-lasting as a result of the quality building materials used.


Knowing what to do with your roof decking can help put your mind at ease and boost your confidence to get a new deck if needed. That said, most people don’t even know about roof decking. Thankfully, professionals like the workers at Arko Exteriors do, so they can inspect yours and make sure it’s fine– or fix/replace it if needed.