When you are getting ready to replace an old roof and/or install a new roof, it’s a good idea to do some research and find a reputable roofer to do the job. There are many important questions you need to ask your contractor before signing anything.

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask your roofing contractor…

#1 Does Your Company Use Subcontractors?


Roofing companies that use subcontractors may not be reliable. They may not be able to guarantee the same level of service and quality if they contract some of their work out to other companies. Some contractors can still do a great job, but you cannot guarantee the level of training they have been given. Since many of these subcontractors may not be up to the company’s operating practices or safety standards, that means your job may be done with lower-quality measures.

#2 Does Your Company Have Client Testimonials?

Do not employ a contractor to carry out your roofing job until you have checked with previous and/or existing customers. A high-quality company should provide referrals for you to ask questions directly. Take this seriously, because customers’ recommendations can open your eyes to the positives and negatives of the potential roofing company. Someone else can tell you if the contractor is reliable, trustworthy and provides quality work. Some companies can show you a printed sheet that contains testimonials of previous customers, but it is wise to contact two to three customers personally to make sure they are truly genuine.

#3 What Do You Expect From Us As Your Customer?

As long as you are in a contract with your roofing company, realize that some things will also be expected from you. For example, your roofer may require access outside of the standard operating hours. Contractors may need to park their vehicles in a protected area. You may agree with your roofer that a perimeter rail/line be installed for safety. Write out your responsibilities for the contractor and for yourself. This will provide clarity and leave no room for confusion in what is expected.

#4 How Do You Ensure Roof Safety When Handling Large Roofing Projects?

Roof Safety When Handling Large Roofing Projects

If you employ a roofing contractor to carry out a serious roof repair or alter some roofing structures, will your building be safe and/or waterproofed? Ask whose responsibility it will be, and find out what will happen if a sudden leak occurs. Consider the safety of your building if there is a big problem with your roof. Ask your contractor if someone can enter into your usually secure business environment by entering through your roof.

#5 Do You Have Safety Training For Employees?

One of the most crucial questions to ask your roofing contractor is about the training records of their employees. This way you will know if the person hired to work on your roof is qualified to do the job. Ask questions about protective equipment. Find out if the staff will be expecting you to provide any of this equipment or if they bring their own. Also, how often do they use this equipment, and can you trust their tools?

#6 Will You Set Up Scaffolding?

A few roofing jobs will require surrounding the building with a scaffold which probably requires a permit. Check with your contractor to know who will be setting up the scaffolding. Find out the cost, and ask if it is an additional cost outside the roofing project or if it has been included in the initial quota. Try to figure out the time frame for the permit and contact the person responsible for the scaffolding at the roofing company.

#7 Do You Have Emergency Policies?

If the roofing company has an emergency policy, that means they can answer you immediately if something unexpected goes wrong with your roof. Hire a contractor that acts swiftly and beyond the normal work day during an emergency without adding unnecessary charges. You can make this liable by establishing an official agreement in writing.

#8 Will You Remove Old Roofing Units & Dirt From Repairs?

Ask if debris will be removed when your potential roofing contractor is installing the new roof or repairing a leaking problem in your roof. Also, ensure that you know who is responsible for removing garbage and debris from your property.

#9 Do You Have Standard Service Agreements?

Make sure you have a written agreement with your roofing contractor about what you will be expecting at the end of the job. Define the main task you have hired the contractor to carry out and provide detailed explanations to prevent any mix-ups during the project. You can talk about the timetables, the things that may occur if the contractor delays the job and what issues will arise if outside reasons are causing work delays. Also, ensure all agreements are made in writing to avoid confusion, miscommunication, misunderstandings and any lawsuits.

#10 Can You Present Your Insurance Certificate?

Every potential roofing contractor must present to you their insurance certificates before doing the job. Reliable contractors will be backed by high-quality insurance companies that cover damages, employee responsibilities and public responsibilities. Ask for original copies of certificates as copies can easily be altered.


When looking for a roofer that will provide a high-quality roofing job, make sure your contractor has the skills and experience that set them apart from the competition. Asking questions can help you locate the right contractors for your roof replacement or repair. You want a roof that is durable and long-lasting. Arko Exteriors is a Blaine, MN, roofing company that can handle a variety of jobs including roof repairs and replacements; Call 763-434-2756 for more information.