Why you should use a Green Roofs

The clamor for the use of eco-friendly equipment and tools has increased greatly these years. Nature has many beautiful things that should be protected from destruction. Roofing shingles are numerous in the market – asphalt, slate, tiles, organic, etc. 

Organic shingles have unique features and a great way of beautifying the environment. Green roofs are always covered with plants and veggies, leading to numerous benefits for the homeowner, community and planet earth. Click here for facts about Blaine, MN.

Here are some benefits of green roofs:

  • Improves Flow of Water:

Drainage is a network of several pipes to control the flow of water. However, modernization and global warming is a major threat and has increased the rate of flooding and erosion in the environment, especially the United Kingdom and environs.

The ecosystem of plants on the green rooftops absorbs water and utilizes and stores it. Thereafter it is released into the environment without posing any threat of flooding. Read about Tips on Hiring a Roofing Contractor here.

  • Elongates the Lifespan of the Roof:

Exposure to extreme sunlight or ultraviolent rays, acidic rains, high wind, etc reduces the lifespan of roofs and could lead to the destruction of some parts of the roofs. But, with green roofs, the leaves and plants are directly exposed and absorb the elements. Generally, green roofs can last three times longer than ordinary roofs.

Other benefits include an increase in oxygen level, serves as a wildlife ecosystem, reduces air pollution, etc. so, if you’re changing your roof soon, try to use green roofs to preserve our habitat.

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