Swan Park was named because it attracts thousands of trumpeter swans. This beautiful wetland area is also home to many other animals. These creatures make it a peaceful and comfortable place to rest and just enjoy nature. If you are in Blaine, MN and are looking for a beautiful park, be sure to stop by Swan Park. See more here.

Feed The Swans

If you are lucky enough to see a flock of these swans in the area, you can feed them. While you can feed them bread and other human foods, it’s not recommended. Instead, try feeding them minnows and other things that they eat in the wild on their own. See here for information about Able Park.



This park offers some of the most amazing sunsets you will find in the state. Enjoy the sun setting over the water as you watch the swans move around and fly off to find a place to sleep for the night. It’s peaceful and a wonderful place to take your family for some quiet fun.

If you are visiting Blaine, MN, and want to see something unique and special, be sure to stop by Swan Park. The swans will draw you in, but the scenery will keep you happy throughout your visit.