Green roofs gaining popularity in the world today, especially with eco-conscious homeowners and business owners. A green roof system can be explained in many ways and has different types. Dig into this article to enrich your knowledge about green roofs. Visit this link for more information.

What is a Green Roof?

A green roof is a roof type with a specific type of vegetation which can be grasses, herbs, dune or heather plants to mention but a few. More so, they can serve as energy roofs with a combination of solar panels or windmills. They are suitable for roofs with an inclination angle between 1 to 45 degrees. 

There are two major types of green roofs – Intensive and Extensive Roofs. A brief explanation on these roof types: Read about How to Reduce Extreme Heat from Roofs here.


  • Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive Green Roofs or Roof Gardens are built in the form of ground floor garden (they can serve as a real garden). Herbs, plants, grasses or some trees are used as a cover for the rooftops. However, note that the rooftops have to be really strong to accommodate these green habitat, and it requires high maintenance.


  • Extensive Green Roofs:

These are different from the intensive green roofs. Mosses, succulent plants, and some herbs are used to cover roofs in this case. The rooftop is cheap, lightweight and requires little maintenance.

From these brief explanations, you should have a slight idea about green roofs. For benefits, check the next post. 


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