With a population of more than 30,000 at the census of 2010, Andover is Anoka County’s city. The city some inexpensive as well as free and cheap activities you can enjoy. You will also find budget-friendly attractions in Andover. Information can be found here.

Elk River Activity Center

You will enjoy a wide range of seniors’ activities when you visit the Elk River Activity Center with its recreation facility. Volunteers run the facility, which has some amenities for fitness, art, and more. See here for information about Fun Experiences in Brooklyn Park.

Rivers Edge Commons Park

Enhanced by lush woods surrounding the iconic Mississippi River, Rivers Edge Commons Park provides a center for community events. It also features a grassy spot for leisure and picnic, a performance pavilion, and paved walkways.

Marcus Theaters

There are 17 state-of-the-art screens at the Elk River Cinema by Marcus Theaters, which showcase first-run movies. Some amenities feature UltraScreens, stadium seating, sound, and digital projection, and premium dining experiences such as a movie or dinner.

Lake Side Park

You can enjoy activities for the entire family when you visit Lakeside Park in Forest Lake. The Lake also offers a variety of water sports like boating and swimming, as well as access to the beach. It also features a playground nearby and a designated space.

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