Few things in life are more devastating than a fire in one’s home or place of employment. Whether it’s due to careless smokers who accidentally threw hot ashes into the garbage can or a candle on the table that somehow managed to spread its flame to nearby drapes, one thing’s for sure: once a fire ravages a place, it’s either a total loss or it can be restored.

Now who can you call in Central Minnesota to handle restoration after a fire? Arko Restoration is the company to call for restoration services. Arko performs restoration for both residential and commercial properties hit by fire damage in the Twin Cities.

Serving Minneapolis-St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs, Arko Restoration has the knowledge, time and equipment to restore fire damages. Someone has to remove burnt furniture from the building, right? Someone has to scrub the walls down and perhaps replace boards so they can be re-painted. Someone has to sort through debris and see what can be salvaged and what has to be trashed.

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A professional company like Arko can handle this very sensitive task. Obviously, homeowners and business owners feel a huge loss after a fire, in such a way that their emotions can overwhelm them. Therefore, the team at Arko can “do the dirty work” as needed, shielding people from the devastation they don’t want to see.

With fire damage restoration, Arko strives for timely, excellent service. We have many satisfied customers, and we’d like to add you to our list. If you need to have your place restored to its original (or even better) condition after a fire, give Arko Restoration a call. We’re here to help you go from an emotional hardship to having peace-of-mind that everything’s “back to normal” again. We’re here to guide you through the entire process. Let us take care of your fire damage and handle restoration.

Want a free estimate? Contact us by calling 763-434-2756 and we’ll be happy to help!

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