Many homeowners and business owners who have upcoming roofing projects are overwhelmed with the choices available when selecting a roofing contractor. New roofs are expensive, and you want someone trustworthy working on your roof. Roofing is a large exterior component of a building, and proper installation/high-quality repair work is needed to ensure long-lasting success.

Generally, a roofing system is made up of different components such as insulation, flashing, membrane and decking. All of these parts contribute to the roof working seamlessly to keep the elements out and the items and people within the building safe. When a roofing contractor skimps on even one of these components while installing or repairing your roof, it often results in a total disaster. To prevent this from happening, it is important to select the best roofing contractor in whose hands to place your project.

Here are 10 tips you should consider when selecting a roofing contractor…

#1 Actual Cost

Actual Cost

One of the top things to consider during your selection is the cost of the roofing project. In general, many contractors give their customers estimates (bids, quotes) wherein they detail the costs they think they will encounter for the entire project. Many times, homeowners and businesses are tempted to go with the lowest bid to save money. This may not always be the wisest move.

Some companies bid low to get the job, and then add on “unforeseeable costs” as the project unfolds. Often, these companies end up costing customers as much as, if not more, than the more expensive estimates they were given by other more reputable companies prior to the start of the project.

#2 Qualifications

For a roofing contractor to earn the job, demand that they show an original certificate backing their claimed credentials. Copies are not an acceptable form of proof, as they can be altered to make a company look more reputable than it really is. Be sure that the skills, experience and workmanship of the contractor are legitimate by having them prove their qualifications to you.

Another option is to have a contractor provide for you a list of a few previous clients or satisfied customers. Go to their buildings and look at their roofs. Have they withstood the test of time? Do they look professional? Ask the clients how the contractor was to work with, whether they were professional and whether they would hire them again. You can learn a lot from previous customers.

#3 Investigate Contractor’s Scope Of Work

Your contractor needs to provide you with concrete design specifications for your particular roofing project. Ensure that the contractor’s work estimates include a technical scope of work that has a well-planned provision of systems, materials and application techniques. Also, make sure you thoroughly look over the design(s) presented.

#4 Financial Capability

Financial Capability

Before you select a roofing contractor, obtain a financial outline of references including the actual providers such as distributors, product manufacturers, disposal services and equipment companies. The daily suppliers that work with the contractors can also provide you with the nature of their financial abilities.

#5 History And Experience

Experience is critical when selecting a reputable roofing contractor. A roofing company that is well-established can give you top-notch confidence in their professionalism by proving to you that without them being good at providing quality jobs, they would be out of business. A reliable roofing company has a history that is seen in its marketability. They are consistent, their business is operated under the tax identification number, they have no history of bankruptcy and they work under the same name no matter how many branches they have in town. Do your homework, and make sure the company you hire is legitimate.

#6 Service Record

Roofing contractors often offer different services. This means they have specific areas of services that they offer to customers, based on their roofing needs. Therefore, you can select a contractor if you have special requirements to solve your roof problems. Some examples are fixing roof leaks, conducting proper roof maintenance and making minor roof repairs. If a contractor presents an area of service that you are looking for, you can easily make the right selection, especially if they accompany it with a valid warranty.

#7 Provision Of Successful Record

Reliable roofing contractors normally present their track record to show transparency in their business. Select a contractor that can give you references for previous jobs that were carried out successfully. If you want to trust them further, you can contact a few of these references to know if their projects were indeed successful as the contractor has stated. Also, find out from the reference if there were any issues during the construction, and get to know how the contractor handled the issue.

#8 Safety Record

Select a contractor that understands and does safety training for their employees. It is an essential criterion since roof jobs are in the construction field, and accidents can happen. Therefore, a potential roofing contractor must be properly guarded with established safety programs and training– especially on-site roofing contractors. To review safety requirements, the contractor will schedule a safety talk before the day of your roofing project. Also, the procedures backing the safety of the on-site roofing contractor may be demanded by your business’s management team or insurance company.

#9 Check For Insurance Coverage

Before you select a professional to handle your roof project, ensure that the roofing company has workers’ liability insurance and compensation insurance. Liability insurance protects your property if your hired contractor damages it during the roofing project. Compensation insurance covers the workers should someone get injured on the job.

#10 Check For Certification And License

You must first verify the authenticity of a potential roofer before signing a contract. You can do this by asking the roofing company to provide a tax identification number, business website, business address, email and phone number. Some areas may not demand licenses or certifications from roofing contractors, but if you can find any contractor with such qualifications, it will be a better choice to hire that contractor. Having a license/certificate simply shows the roofing contractor is good at the job and has updated requirements that will suit your roofing needs.


Selecting a roofing contractor should be relatively easy if you are diligent about getting the most qualified company to work on your roofing project. Do not make hasty decisions that you will regret in the long run. Take the time to search out qualified, insured and experienced roofing experts, like those at Arko Exteriors.

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